I Didn't Have Time for It

To be honest - I got the idea for this blog post when I told my boyfriend: "Sorry that I didn't call you during the last days. I just didn't have time for it". In that very moment, I realised that it's actually not true. The last days have had the same amount of hours as any other day, it was just that I chose to spend them on other things than calling my boyfriend. In this particular example, I had visited a friend in Hamburg and spent some time at my parents house. Sure, I was busy and surrounded by people, but I could have taken time for the call. 


This is a pretty straightforward example, but I think that it holds true for much more profound situations. Did you ever feel envy when friends told you about their fancy hobbies? Things like weekend trips for rock-climbing or modern dance competitions? And your own reaction was "How cool, I wish I had time for something like that"? I would claim that what it actually takes is not more time, but more commitment. In the rock-climbing example, it means that you don't go out for drinks on the weekend, but you stay sober to get up in the early morning to drive to the mountain. In the modern dance example, it means fewer evenings in front of the TV / laptop and more evenings for practice. It might also mean that you have to defend your working hours. My friend Sarah is my role-model in that respect. In many cases, she had to tell her boss that she can't do over-hours on a particular day, because she needs to attend her vaulting class.


Another classic is that we tell people that we don't have time to catch up with them. Similar to my first example actually. If the person is a dear friend or even your partner, I guess we need to rethink our priorities. Are all the other tasks really worth losing touch? If it's your job, ask yourself if it's just a temporary problem or if it generally takes too much of your time. And if it is a general problem, is the job really that awesome that it justifies risking your relationships? If you simply have too many friends to devote enough time to them, rethink how much different people matter to you. If you spend more time socialising with acquaintances than with your best friends, ask yourself why. Just for the sake of being popular? For professional networking? Once again, be in charge of your time. Decide who is worth spending your time with and who isn't. 


In the sum, what I'm starting to realise is how much influence I have on my own time. I can be in charge. I don't have time for friends, family and hobbies. I take time. It's all about defining priorities and having the guts to stick to them.


How about yourself? What are your challenges about managing your time? How do you set your priorities?


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    Ravi (Saturday, 28 February 2015 13:22)

    Yes, precisely. It's about priorities and sticking to them. Besides loving what you do / want to do. We always find time to eat, sleep, check emails / whatsapp (latest pandemic) etc.

    However, there can be times when one is too involved / pressed in some demanding activity, to even think about anything else.

    So again, it boils down to priority. :)


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    Johannes (Saturday, 28 February 2015 13:49)

    Once again a very interesting and thoughtful post. Always interesting to read what's on your mind!

    Regarding time management: I absolutely agree. I guess the biggest problem is that many people don't think that way. Trying to divide time in the most efficient and thoughtful way is a challenge for sure.

    Looking forward to your next post.


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    Nicole (Sunday, 01 March 2015 22:17)

    I am wise about my time these days... I take this time for myself. Me-Time! :)

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    David S (Monday, 02 March 2015 00:36)

    But are you ever going to tell your boyfriend that you didn't make time for him (even if it's true)?

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    tanjaschomann (Thursday, 05 March 2015 17:12)

    Thanks so much for your comments, guys!

    @ Ravi: Good point. But I think then it's a question about how long that is going on. Take an important project at work: sometimes you need to work overhours etc., but I think the danger is that it easily takes over...

    @ Nicole: Haha, so true! I'm getting better at that, too :-)

    @ David S: I think it has a lot to do with awareness. When I told my boyfriend initially, I still believed that I "really" didn't had time to call him. But when I had this funny moment of realisation, we actually had a discussion about this topic and agreed that we need to be more conscious about taking time for each other. But in the end of the day "I didn't have time" is always a good and accepted excuse for most stuff and we easily fall into the habit of ignoring our own power to take time for things.