Art - Creation or Improvisation Game?

It’s cute to see artists as creators. The sculptor who created his sculpture, the poet who created his Haiku and the painter who created his painting. It sounds like they have taken every step deliberately, brought a new “life” into being. A quick and easy birth, by snapping one’s fingers.


But let’s face it – as artists, we are not free. Creating anything from scratch, deliberately? Nah, far from it.


If you have ever worked on a crumbling stone or painted with too watery paints, if you have ever chosen a word, simply because you couldn’t find one that actually matches your sentiment, then you will know it. You will know that art is a whole lot of improvisation. Working with imperfect materials. Making decisions on the go, because you couldn’t foresee where the process will take you.


But maybe that’s what makes a true artist. That despite all the challenges, he makes his audience smile, sigh, clap. Artists are no gods who just create from thin air. Artists play games (and sometimes fight wars) with the gifts and boundaries of their medium.


(Sculpture and photos: Tanja Schomann)

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