The present moment is eternity

Our breath the anchor

Between presence in this world

And a sphere where time doesn’t exist


The difference between time and timelessness

The birth of the cosmos

As we understand it

Through the first sound


The beat of a drum

Turning into the never ending





Of the clock on your wall

Sound and time

Conditions to one another


A person

Incapable of understanding the vastness of infinity,

The interconnectedness of self and world

And the paradox of being a creation and creator



A soul

Uncomprehending of chronology,

Solid mater

And the illusion of certainty

Finding itself caught in a body


Human existence

A fine playground to gain experiences

Learning about self and other

Where the self

And the other

Are in fact

Nothing but reflections of the same universal truth


Existence of each individual

Dependent on interaction

My shadow

Visible only through the light you shed on me

Our unique dynamic


There is

No presence

Of me

Without a “you”

No time

Without a sound

No now

Without a breath


Painting: Pablo Amaringo